How organizations can train their employees through privacy certifications

The new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 (DPDPB) has been all over the news lately. But why is this important to you? When it becomes an act, this Bill will require all businesses and entities to comply with the Bill in terms of Data Privacy, Personal Data Processing, Data Protection, and much more. From establishing Data Principal Rights to ensuring Data Protection Officers for Significant Fiduciaries, the Bill marks the start of India’s Journey toward Data Privacy. But did you know that violations under the Bill can result in penalties as high as 250 Crores?

For any organization or business, that number is no joke. Hence, all organizations are on the run to ensure that their employees are well-trained in Data Privacy and know how to handle Personal Data. Some Renowned Data Protection Regulations also mandate Privacy training for employees. 

According to Article 39 (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data protection officers must train the staff involved in data processing activity and other related audits.

Further, According to section 4.1.4 (c ) of Schedule 1, PIPEDA, Canada mandates that organizations must train and communicate with their staff about their policies and practices, and Principle 7 ( safeguard principle ) mentioned in section 4.7.4 mandates that organizations shall mandate their employees about maintaining confidentiality and privacy of personal information.

According to guidelines issued by the European Data Protection Board on ‘Examples regarding data breach notification,’ to mitigate the risk of accidental data transmission, it is mandated to enforce training and awareness programs for employees to gain a better understanding of the importance of personal data protection.  

While the new DPDPB might not directly incorporate employee training as a mandate, ensuring every employee is Privacy Trained is still essential. Why so? Well, did you know that employees have caused most data and security breach incidents? To be precise, according to a report published by Tessian titled “Psychology of human error,” around 88% of data breach incidents are caused by employees working in organizations. And another report suggests that lack of

proper employee training is the main reason for 80% of data breaches. So how can you overcome this problem?

Training through privacy certifications

The Solution to this problem is proper and in-depth Privacy training for employees. Regular, skippable, and mundane Online Course Modules are insufficient to ensure adequate Privacy Training for your employees. There are instances where such irregular training has resulted in heavy fines by data protection authorities.

For instance, the Romanian data protection authority has fined 100000 euros a bank for insufficient training to their employees regarding the concepts of personal data protection norms of the data subjects and also mandated that employee training is an inherent part of the organizational and technical measures that the said entity obliged to comply with.

So, the question is, who do you approach to train your employees? Fortunately for you, that is where Tsaaro Academy comes into the picture. 

Why choose Tsaaro Academy as your training partner?

Safeguarding your entity from the dangers of Data Breaches and Privacy Violations has never been easier. At Tsaaro Academy, we offer corporate training to employees to develop their professional skills in data protection and boost their expertise in their current job. What makes us different?

Here at Tsaaro Academy, we highly value in-depth training focusing on practical applications to train your employees to become Privacy Experts with extensive experience and knowledge in understanding and handling DPDPB compliance. From Interactive Sessions to Practical Exercises, we are committed to providing training that will not only complement everyday tasks and ensure every employee is well aware of Data Privacy but also ensure no more worry about lack of employee training.

But what Certification works best for you?

Tsaaro Academy is an officially recognized training partner of IAPP for CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPP/C, CIPM, and CIPT certifications. This curriculum offers comprehensive certifications training, including an IAPP Exam voucher, IAPP-concerned exam e-books and notes, and a sample Mock exam. These courses allow employees to demonstrate their company’s commitment to Data Protection and Privacy.

Another widely recognized and reputed certification is the CT-DPO Intermediate Course (Certified Tsaaro – Data Protection Officer) offered by Tsaaro Academy. This course is an exclusive course offered by Tsaaro Academy designed around the latest DPDPB. From understanding the duties and roles of DPOs to practical insights into compliance, this course is bound to ensure your employees are Privacy Ready. What can you expect employees to learn from this Certification?

Apart from a comprehensive understanding of the EU’s GDPR, UAE’s Data Protection laws, and much more, this course provides employees with the skillset to enforce, draft, and implement Privacy Policies, conduct Data Audits, handle Data Processing, and more. These skills will not just complement your employees’ day-to-day tasks but will ensure that your organization is in safe hands.

So, what are you waiting for?

With the new DPDPB Bill becoming a reality, investing in your employee’s Privacy Training with Tsaaro Academy is a future investment for securing your organization and protecting your organization from potential risks of privacy violation.

Want to know more? Visit us now on our website and invest in your organization’s future with us. Do not miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead and become compliant with the end of Data Privacy. 


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