How to become an expert-level privacy professional

The new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDPB) is ready to disrupt Indian Industries. With the bill’s applicability spreading all over India and beyond, being a Privacy Professional has never been more critical. Did you know that according to Trust Arc 2022 Global Privacy Benchmarks report, 42% of respondents expect the demand for privacy roles to increase in their company, and 27% believe there needs to be more prospects to fill positions like privacy program manager or counsel? But with all this demand, how does one become an Expert-level Privacy Professional?

If you think a few hours of regular introductory courses are enough to become an expert in this dynamic field, then you must keep reading. Moreover, a master’s in data privacy law may not offer you the practical understanding of being an expert in Privacy. It would offer you a textbook understanding of Data Privacy. While theory is critical, practicality is what being an expert in Privacy requires. Even if you know all 99 GDPR Articles by heart, it makes no difference in the real world. Organizations require experienced individuals with real-world experience in managing Data Privacy. So what do organizations expect from an expert in Privacy?

Organizations expect you to know how to draft GDPR-compliant privacy policies and cookie policies and conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments while expecting you to be a DSAR specialist, an experienced person who knows how to actively respond to personal data breach notifications in this competitive field, an expert in providing solutions and managing a privacy program in their organizations, and much more. But how do you learn all of this?

Why certifications are essential for privacy professionals: 

To address the above skill gap, the only practical solution is to have industry-accredited practical-oriented certification, which provides in-depth and in hand training about the practical nuances of data protection. Even most job descriptions for privacy professionals in Job searching sites expect their candidate to hold at least one data privacy certification. Privacy Certifications allow individuals to gain practical knowledge and become an expert in Privacy. What Privacy Certifications should you obtain?

When obtaining a Privacy Certification, it is essential to find application-oriented and widely recognized programs, such as the CT-DPO Intermediate Course (Certified Tsaaro – Data Protection Officer) offered by Tsaaro Academy.

The CT-DPO Course

What’s so special about the CT-DPO Course?

This course is an exclusive Tsaaro course catered to individuals with knowledge of Data Privacy who are looking to become experts in the field. Whether you are an employee of an organization, a Privacy Officer, a Manager in Privacy, or a Legal Officer, this course will ensure that you become an expert in Privacy. Through this course, you will learn several key regulations such as the European Union’s GDPR, UAE’s Data Protection Law, and most of all, the latest DPDPB and the functions and duties of Data Protection Officers in an organization. Apart from the regulations and roles of DPOs, this course will equip you with the skillset to enforce internal privacy policies, create of privacy framework, implement a privacy program, conduct Audits, and review and handle data processing agreements. Overall, this course provides a practical insight into the World of Privacy and will ensure that you have the requisite knowledge to handle Data in the new era of India’s DPDPB.

So how to begin your journey as an Expert Privacy Professional?

Tsaaro Academy has got you covered. Check out our website now to learn more about the CT-DPO courses. With our comprehensive industry recognition and commitment to excellence, you shouldn’t think twice before signing up with Tsaaro Academy. The passing of the DPDPB and the Michael page salary Report 2023 demonstrate the demand for Privacy Professionals now more than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the Future of Data Privacy now, and do not miss out on this opportunity to become an Expert in Data Privacy!

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